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China's first fashion website influx of online line worth more t

A few days ago, the first theme to influx of crowds goods for community-based shopping sharing site "The tide (chao.com)" on-line operations, chao.com domain name short and easy to remember, people Michael Kors Jet Set Tote in the industry estimated value is over 1 million.

It is reported that the site fashionable slogan, in cooperation with many famous Tide brand share as the core, to the young generation of trend of shopping, including the part of the influx of goods exchange, FHM, album, drying goods ", and launched moving tide, a limited corporation, the same city to share the influx of people Chi 9 grid diary, time forest functions.

According to the person in charge of the site, recently the tide (http://chao.com) will joint Taobao, Lynx platform launch topic of Halloween, Singles influx of goods, as well as to share with you, tidal pay "and other activities.

When asked about the influx of the founder of philosophy, the relevant responsible person said:

"Tide, chao.com is a unfettered free world, not wearing a limited edition black sunglasses carrying with C, G, P at the beginning of the package is the influx of people! Influx of people is often the mainstream fashion and own insights together showed a unique "type"! "

"The tide, chao.com gathered latest global fashion share for Cock silk to build one of the most IN fashion network event, all the Cock wire are not confident, bumpkin, single nuisance title take off, so fashionable Michael Kors Tote Bag elements of high-speed spread in their lives! "

"The tide is an attitude! Chao.com tide attitude continues soul pilot!"

I very much agree with this point of view, the tide is an attitude, not a luxury, hope the tide chao.com can adhere to the real influx of attitude, wish them better and better!

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Fashion wooden doors custom momentum strong middle-grade popular

Fashion wooden doors custom market overall home market, the recent strong momentum, is a high speed, a Michael Kors Crossbody Bag variety of development, has caused the attention of the entire domestic industry. According to the survey, custom doors of the development of building materials important part of the decoration of the minds of consumers, the owners renovated almost become the products of choice. Wooden doors as part of the personality in the market, custom wooden doors began to catch on the home improvement market!

Recently, I visited a number of stores and home building materials market in learned about the wooden doors in the mid-range price occupy a large market share, and is currently the best selling wooden doors. According to the local dealer to buy mid-range wooden doors and economic capacity and size of the consumer relationship, there are a lot of consumers to buy a small house area, limited economic plus, buy cheap wooden doors majority.

An Analysis of medium-grade door sales situation is still popular

Ordinary people hoping to buy affordable wooden modeling requirements are not too high, as long as comfortable, and many middle-income white-collar workers are buying wooden doors of the mid-range price, before the transition to the economy improved, and back to the high-end wooden doors , but even the purchase, they still focus on the doors of the brand and after-sales service. According to dealers, said the construction of affordable housing efforts now increasing parity wooden doors there will be good sales With the further spread of customized home after 80 consumers have become the main consumer groups they actively do personalized design to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Today, many big brands have also sinking the second and third tier cities, due to the income of most consumers are Michael Kors Shoulder Bag somewhat low level, however, the purchasing power is also limited, although they tend to go for the big brands of quality and service, but a lot of money price makes them the next best thing, the big brands product quality adjusted according to the consumer market, I believe must be the prospect of a fiery red.

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The latest dual-core fashion style sale Sony LT26ii, 2399 yuan

(Zhongguancun online the Chongqing market) Sony LT26ii (Xperia SL) is the upgraded version of the early release of flagship Michael Kors For Sale dual-core models LT26i (Xperia S) appearance with LT26i increase, but on the basis of the black and white two colors, pink and gray looks more stylish. Configuration, 1GB of RAM, 4.3-inch 720p Mobile Bravia high-resolution screen and can change color Ling Rui transparent with design remains unchanged, processor upgrade to 1.7GHz frequency version of MSM8260 dual-core processor, the battery capacity also improved performance and battery life performance will be more competitive. Currently, this phone is in the business of "the Bo Yang communications (Shapingba shop)" offer for 2399 yuan, interested friends may wish to look at.
First glance Sony LT26ii, you may not be able to tell the difference between it and LT26i, the fact that the aircraft is completely used before the mold, which is a common practice to save costs manufacturers. Both the difference in appearance is the Sony have Xperia SL LT26ii, optional color, including black, white, silver and pink, it seems that "science and technology to shedding oriented" no longer special Nokia.
Sony LT26ii back has a lot of bright spots, first is up to 12 million pixels lens assembly. This lens uses Sony's own Exmor R CMOS sensor, high sense of better performance; aperture compared to f/2.4, can Michael Kors Outlet support up to 4000 * 3000 pixel photos and 1080P full HD video shooting. Attentive friend also found the back cover part of the "N" logo, which is the location of the NFC near field communication chip.
The Sony LT26ii LT26i the upgrade version, it is more than the increase in white and black, on the basis of a pink and silver color to meet different aesthetic needs of users to buy. Which Android 4.0 system equipped with the built-in, as well as the 1.7GHz clocked dual-core processors to join, to make it even better handling.

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Beachhead from fashion to technology evolution LG smart quad-cor

Mobile Internet era, while changing the experience of consumers intelligent terminal products, but also bring the whole Michael Kors Wallets industry a strong earthquake, ran aground sinking once the ship in the industry, the rapid rise of some consumers originally not familiar with the brand, mobile changes in the Internet industry not marvel when the industry experts and ordinary users. The Barcelona MWC Assembly in early 2012, this event called the industry's annual barometer of the world's first intelligent quad-core mobile phone LG Optimus (dyke) 4X HD extravaganza turned on a quad-core smartphone Prologue. Although since then a variety of smart phones equipped with a quad-core processor turns the stage, but in the global market, quad-core mobile phone LG Optimus (dyke) 4X HD maintains hot, reason, True HD IPS the primary hard screen bring color fidelity reducing effect and representing functional innovation to QuickMemoTM shortcut memorandum, quad-core phone product key win users. Quietly, winning the LG original design and appearance is everything from fashion to technology giant step forward.

Screen era? IPS the primary hard screen into focus

Although the smart phone in the end how much is suitable for handheld the debate continues, but the large-screen smart phone can bring a better visual experience has no doubt. Moreover, the increasing convergence of mobile processor, memory and other hardware configuration, the screen naturally become the focus of each quad-core smartphone new release, the focus primary color screen as the most advanced IPS also be frequently appear in the iPhone release the IPS screen Jobs praise of the primary colors, IPS hard screen increasingly become an important consideration in one of the criteria of the consumers buy smartphones.

Owners, as the core technology of the IPS primary colors hard screen LG IPS screen has been applied to TVs, monitors, and other areas, and by consumers highly recognized and respected. 2012, LG has launched a quad-core variety, including the LG Optimus (dyke) 4X HD equipped with IPS primary hard screen smart phone, the whole industry to look askance. Compared with other screen technologies, IPS primary colors hard screen with superior color reproduction, bright light of the anti-jamming capability, wide viewing angle, and no smear effect dynamic picture. LG Optimus (dyke) 4X HD intelligent four-core phone using the top 4.7 inches True HD IPS primary hard screen, making phone in color reproduction than other LCD screen is bright, clear, viewing angle and contrast performance is even better The superior screen effect, make it stand out in all smart phone quad-core.
In addition to the hardware configuration, the innovation at the applications level become the focus of attention of the user where to show the strength of the core elements of the various manufacturers. After all, in a market environment hardware increasingly standardized and come from third-party supply to the application of innovative small system optimization can bring to the continuous optimization of user product experience for users, innovation is not in size, easy to use is hard truth.
Increasingly prevalent quick rich mobile Internet applications and share-based LG Optimus (Chingtien) 4X HD four-core handset innovative to Release QuickMemo? Shortcut memo function, unlike some of the other third-party software needs to be installed, and the need for a separate start, the user simply hold down the shortcut key or in the drop-down status bar click shortcuts, you can quickly start LG QuickMemo? shortcut memorandum and start no interface limit, can achieve interface screenshot readily write and erase operations, and input tool No special requirements, of ordinary capacitive pen or the finger can. Currently, QuickMemo? Quick memo function has become one of the quad-core Cheap Michael Kors Watch mobile phone LG Optimus (dyke) 4X HD most enthusiastic about using function, regardless of the game score ego, or friends about rice map to indicate, QuickMemo? Quick memo function can bring unprecedented ease-of-use experience.

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National linens lift fanatical fashion circles swept retro

One called "Alzheimer's grapefruit users microblogging recently made ​​a microblogging complain about their own headphones snapped a cat. Itself microblogging did nothing special, but the the microblogging users with Figure actually instant popularity. With plans became popular not because of bad headphones, but the headset the following sheets, orange, printed with vintage linens peony pattern caused the crazy forwarding within a few days, to be forwarded more than 30,000 times, of named National linens.

In fact, the most unusual ethnic national wind instead of one or two days, several years ago, the sea-striped shirt, back shoes, sportswear Plum had Shen shall not lack of fashion items for the wardrobe of the influx of people, perhaps because these single product be able to take us that Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel most of childhood, the most pure, the most serious era.
International Fashion Week 2013 spring and summer show floor, clothing and retro swept the T station. The Bottega Veneta Floral dress just like Mom used to that favorite not pull a few big red plaid like Dries Van Noten very modern women of the fifties and sixties in the United States, while Michael Kors Clutches the the Alexis Mabille little pink plaid take us back In the era of reform has just opened, that vitality is honest, fearless.
Retro from the almost all-pervasive penetration into every corner of the fashion, of course, including cosmetics. The dual sister cream, Kwong Sang Hong toilet water this type of old domestic cosmetics being sought again, been retro style brand and Behring Princess this more and more popular.


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